Exploring Intergenerational Wealth Management

Exploring Intergenerational Wealth Management, Malcolm Gifford Wealth ManagementIntergenerational wealth management is about how families use their collective wealth to support each other during their lifetimes.

Increasing life expectancy and major social change mean many families need to reconsider how their wealth can work harder for the benefit of the whole family.

Traditionally, wealth has passed from one generation to the next upon death. However, intergenerational wealth management challenges that notion and looks at how families can use their wealth more collaboratively to support each other during their lifetimes.

Please do get in touch if you are considering how best to financially support a loved one. We can assist with many of your family wealth objectives – including funding an education, investment planning, later life planning, getting on the property ladder, inheritance tax planning, and even following a career vocation in life.

Please note that borrowing against investments is subject to eligibility and for a short term basis.

If the value of the investment falls, in relation to the agreed loan facility, the loan may need to be repaid in full.